The Rotobrush machine is the most advanced technology in the field of duct cleaning. It is the only machine that can clean the ducts and remove the deb re at the same time. It can do this because of it's advanced design. It is equipped with a 30' hose at the end of the hose there is a brush the brush rotates left & right brushing off the deb re. While the powerful vacuum extracts the deb re. Leaving a clean area wherever the brush has been.

This technology has greatly improved the quality of the duct cleaning industries. The efficiency of the Rotobrush machine is far superior than other duct cleaning systems. The powerful yet flexible Rotobrush easily cleans all types of duct construction. (e.g. flex duct, round metal ducts, square metal ducts fiberboard including right angle turns, reducers and multiple bends found in most types of duct systems. If you are looking to have your HVAC duct system cleaned make sure that the Company you use uses the Rotobrush machine. You'll be glade you did​

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There could be mold spores floating around in the air inside your home. These spores with long time exposure could become a health problem for you or one of your family members. Mold spores have been known to cause upper respiratory health issues.

Can we help to eliminate these mold spores ? Yes.  How can this be done? We use a machine called a fogger, we insert a non chemical base organic mold deterrent into the machine the machine produces a mist. When the mist comes in contact with the mold spores it helps to eliminate the spores thus leaving  healthier air inside your home.

We recommend that the air sanitizing be done every six months. If you feel you are having a mold spore issue in your home call  770-497-8875  We do air quality mold testing.

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Brushing & Vacuuming the best way to clean air duct systems provides point of contact cleaning

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A clean duct system is a healthy system

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Air Duct system cleaning and mold spore reduction services is our way of giving our neighbors a healthier indoor environment.

The air you breath and the amount of toxins you put into your body will determine the quality of health you maintain. 

LP 2/12/1995

Keeping our Heating and Air Conditioning duct system clean can have a direct impact on our family health situation. A average new home can have as much as 1,200 linear foot of duct work.

The duct area of our heating and air conditioning system is a breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, These organisms have the ability to make us sick, It is imperative that we keep our duct system clean and sanitized. This help our family to have less health issues than if we don't keep the duct system cleaned and sanitized. We recommend having the heating and air duct system cleaned and sanitized every three years.

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